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Devil Master - Listen, Sweet Demons...
duration: 01:39
Vivian Gendernalik - Put on a Demon Ruler's Hit List
duration: 07:21
Markus K - Ride the Breeze
duration: 04:01
Adam Cole - Your Inner Stars
duration: 02:54
Markus K - Make Me Happy
duration: 04:41
Adam Cole - Curve in the Road (Alternate Version)
duration: 03:04
Adam Cole - Hey Steve Send Me My Biff Rose Tape I Paid for It Already
duration: 02:54
Second Chance - Don't Bring Me Down
duration: 04:13
Second Chance - Might've Been
duration: 02:43
Adam Cole - Just Pretend You Love Me
duration: 04:41
Adam Cole - Bruce Springsteen Taught Me How to Cry
duration: 03:36
Second Chance - When You Get Away
duration: 02:17
Giovan - Listen to My Demons
duration: 04:16
Markus K - the Dance of the Species
duration: 03:53
Nathaniel Paul - Songbird (Demo)
duration: 02:46
Second Chance - No Reason
duration: 02:53
Adam Cole - Crossing Over (The 17th Street Bridge)
duration: 04:14
Second Chance - Blank Expression
duration: 03:02
Handsome Ass Dan - Wishful Thinking W/ My Demons in the Dark (feat. Super K
duration: 03:57
Adam Cole - Crossing Over
duration: 04:34
Nathaniel Paul - Silence (Demo)
duration: 02:59
Second Chance - Choices
duration: 03:51
Adam Cole - He's Gonna Walk
duration: 02:03
Nathaniel Paul - H.D. (Demo)
duration: 03:12
Second Chance - That's Why
duration: 02:17